Confirmation is a time of growth, development and reflection on one's individual journey of faith. To confirm one's faith is to respond to the questions of baptism and to express one's own desire to journey as a Christian in adulthood. Confirmation is not a graduation, but a life's commitment.

Confirmation at First Congregational UCC is designed to engage the student in the work of the church and with the members of the congregation. It is intended to be a lived experience of Christianity, living supported by the experience and gifts of the gathered community. The outcome is a relationship with a community of faith and an experience of practicing our faith together.

Our Confirmation program beings at grade eight, but finishes with the student has completed the core experiences and has made their own decision to confirm in faith. The Confirmation program is flexible and allows time for commitments that students may have for athletics, music or work. It is possible to complete the process in one year; most confirmands take more than one year to complete the requirements.

The Confirmation workbook, with a description of requirements, can be found here.

The Confirmation Calendar for 2016-17 can be found here.