Sunday School

Sunday School

On a typical Sunday morning, children are invited to sit with their family in worship through the children's sermon. Children are invited to participate in the children's sermon, to provide a blessing to the congregation, and then be dismissed to their classrooms. Of course, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are welcome in the nursery anytime during worship.

Kindergarten and Grade 1

In the CongoKingdom, kindergarten and first grade are taught as advanced levels of the nursery. Our skilled staff and volunteers greet children and make a point to talk about your families' needs. Our trained and experienced volunteers work in teams to create a familiar and stable environment for your children.

Bible stories taught for this age level are written by the primary education coordinator. Weekly stories build on the themes taught in the nursery. Kindergarten and first grade stories follow a three-year scope and sequence.

Elementary Grades 2-5

The elementary Sunday school staff knows the children and watches for ways to develop their interests and connect them more deeply with the ministry of the church. Families remain in touch with learning opportunities through a weekly parent e-letter giving highlights for Sunday and the upcoming Sunday and activities for those families with children grades two through five. Families say that these communications help to prepare and motivate their children.

Children are grouped into age and skill-related groups, grades 2-3, and grades 4-5. Information from parents about the needs of the children and the best learning environment for the children is welcomed. Workshop information is communicated in the weekly e-letter, in the Sunday bulleting and on signboards at the entry to the CongoKingdom. Children go to the workshop location directly from worship.

Middle School, Grades 6-8

The youth ministry staff coordinated the Sunday morning educational programs, Wednesday fellowship, and special events. Our goal for middle school students is to connect them with faithful adults and involve them more closely in the life of the congregation. In a time of busy schedules, our goal is to practice faith together. Using scripture, worship, mission, current events, and service experiences, youth are encouraged in their faith practices and toward full participation in the life of the congregation. Families remain in touch with activities and learning events through a weekly parent email giving highlights for the coming week.