Light Eternal Society

Light Eternal Society

The Light Eternal Society has been created to thank and recognize those who have chosen to share their intent to provide a planned or deferred gift to our church.

How Can I Join the Light Eternal Society?

By establishing a planned gift you demonstrate your commitment to the future of our church. In doing so, you become eligible for membership in the Light Eternal Society.

Where Can I Learn More About the Light Eternal Society?

Light Eternal Society brochures are place on a table in the narthex at the back of the sanctuary, in the Church Office and here on this page by clicking here.

Who Can Join the Light Eternal Society?

You can join the Light Eternal Society by:

  1. Making a commitment to leave a future gift to our Church via a planned or deferred gift
  2. Completing a Declaration of Intent form and returning it to our Church Office. Forms are available:
    • in the Church Office
    • The narthex at the back of the sanctuary
    • By clicking here, you can view and print the form

Endowment Moments

Members of The Light Eternal Society offer Endowment Moments during worship in which they share their spiritual journeys that have lead them to become members of The Light Eternal Society. Click on the link below to read excerpts from a recent Endowment Moment.

Charlie Bauer - January 12, 2014