Small Groups 

Our congregation feels more like a close-knit family when we gather in small groups to make connections,

journey together, and support each other along the way.

Nine to Dine
Youth Group
Covenant Groups
Primetime Friends
Book Studies
Bible Studies
Welcome Home
The Inklings
Games Night

Close friendships are formed and nurtured when individuals and couples gather for a meal and friendship.


Young people join forces to serve others, support each other, and connect with adult leaders as they become aware of their own faith journeys. Our church’s commitment to mission and justice rubs off on our children through these activities.

Meaningful relationships are woven when people gather to discuss books they study together. Small groups of men or women choose a book and reflect on its significance in their lives.


A home-cooked lunch and a riveting speaker or musical performer draws seniors together for meaningful monthly fellowship.


This intergenerational group of singles, couples, and families gathers in members’ homes and in Jesus’ name to honor Christian practices and connect the Bible to their lives.

Captivating discussions animate thoughtful Christians who yearn to hear God speaking through contemporary writings. Monthly studies called The Twelve challenge participants to look deeply into today’s issues.

Those who wish to delve deep into the Bible gather to reflect on Bible passages that will be central to the upcoming Sunday sermon. Participants better understand the ancient context in which the Scripture was steeped, and they are motivated to identify the core of the texts’ timeless messages.

This group provides education, advocacy, and connection for the LGBTQ+ community.

Budding writers offer each other support and encouragement as they share their work.  


Board games don’t collect dust in this group. Gather to bond over a variety of challenging games.