First Congregational United Church of Christ

Our doors have been open since 1856.

We welcome everyone into God’s family with love and acceptance. We believe that diversity enriches our lives, giving us opportunities to learn from one another.
We practice community. Following Jesus’ example, we care for one another and work together to nurture communities within and beyond our walls. We help those in need near and far. We seek peace and justice in our unsettled world.
We are a relevant community. We encourage curiosity as we support one another on our faith journey.
The questioning, the curious are welcome here. We welcome YOU.

Welcoming Community


Whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, YOU are welcome here.

First Congregational UCC shares hospitality with all who walk through our doors. Worship and communion are open to all who yearn to experience God’s love.
We support diversity in relationships, family structure, ethnicity, and physical ability. We seek to offer opportunities for generations to connect.        
Join us in discovering what it means to be the people of God. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, YOU are welcome here.

Practicing Community


Like branches on a vine, our work expresses a living God.

Reaching out to one another connects us. In small groups, we support one another. Intergenerational experiences enrich our lives with new perspectives.
We practice God’s love in the world through acts of friendship and service as we connect with neighbors, community, and the world. Loving deeds further God's causes of justice and peace.
Beyond our walls, we work together to help the hungry, the struggling, the invisible. The church, at its best, is "the body of Christ" through which God's presence is revealed in action.

Relevant Community


Rooted in sacred history, meaningful today.

Life is far different from when the Bible was written. God is still speaking. First Congregational UCC understands scripture within historical context and with relevance to today’s world.
Curiosity is encouraged. Sermons ponder Bible verses and how to apply them to our everyday lives.
Rather than imposing rules and expectations, we support personal beliefs and practices. Our spiritual journeys are unique, but in community we grow in faith.
Educational programs for preschoolers to adults offer a Christian foundation and encourage spiritual exploration. Resources are available to support families’ and individuals’ changing needs.